About Us

Lisl and Annina have known each other for many years.  They are both fully trained doulas through WOMBS, and therefore it only makes sense that they are together in this venture.

Lisl van den Hoven

I am a mother of  a daughter and a son.  I believe my passion for what I do comes from the fact that my husband and I struggled to have children.  The miracle happened after 10 years of marriage. I dedicated myself to my children and their education for many years and now that they are grown up, I can follow this calling and passion.

My journey as a doula has touched me emotionally, physically and spiritually. Watching a little life come into this world is indescribable. I have been filled with awe knowing that we are connected in our humanity. The strong and intense emotions I experience while assisting a mother give birth will always be with me. It is as if the connection I have with he birthing mother changes me inwardly very deeply. I know I will need strength and courage each time I go into that space with her. There is such comfort in knowing there is no ideal way to give support – and for the mother to give birth, just an openness to do what we both feel comfortable with.

Practically, I know it is important to take time out to feed my soul and process each birth experience I have so that I do not burn out.  Not going out of my scope of practice protects both the mother and me. Every birth is unique and beautiful.  It is a very special time in every mother’s life, something that needs to be treasured and valued.

I have been very fortunate to have had my friend and trained WOMBS doula, Annina, as my back- up.   Her infinite kindness, grace, wealth of knowledge and patience is invaluable. She really loves and is passionate about what she does.

Annina Marais